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Biscuit feeding and packing line

Biscuit feeding and packing line

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tomatic feeding and packaging system for cracker, rice biscuit and digestive biscuit
1.Product introduction of automatic horizontal flow packing machinery for cracker, rice biscuit and digestive biscuit:
The automatic food process and packaging system normally connected with biscuit laminator and this system make according to one product size and product shape. In other words, it is suitable for unique and huge production line, which can pack 2 pieces per bag or multi-pieces package. The single bag packing speed up to 250 bags per minute.

2.Main Function of automatic flow packaging machine for cracker:
1)Rice biscuit and cracker automatic feeding & packing line includes the separating conveyor, vibrating feeder, multi belt conveyor, vibrating conveyor, biscuits feeder and automatic packing machine. It can be seamlessly connected to the biscuit processing machine. By the drive of vibrator and conveyor, the products are conveyed stably and orderly to the biscuit feeder, realize two or more pieces of laminated packaging, to achieve continuous production, high speed, greatly reduce the labor intensity.
2)Single line packing speed can reach 180-250 bags/min. Depens on the size of the product and the characteristics of the packaging film.
3)Whole system adopts 220V, 50HZ, single phase. Total Power is 28KW (five lines as drawing)

3.Advantage of automatic feeding and packing system for cracker:
1)Rice cake/ biscuit production line has the feature of large capacity and continuous production without stop. The traditional rice cake/biscuit packaging is to put the cake/ biscuit into biscuit feeder by manual, the new rice cake/ biscuit automatic feeding line solved the problem of feeding, to achieve continuous production and liberation of a large number of labor, reducing the labor intensity.
2)The crumble slots are installed under the vibrating conveyor, easy to maintain save time and efforts.
3)Simplified structure, easy operation, convenient cleaning and maintain. Easy adjustment for different products or parameter setting.
4)The packaging system equipped with food grade blue anit-microbial PU belt.
5)PU belt can be discharged without tools and equipped with hopper to get product waste, which easy for cleaning and maintain.
6)Control system of packing line uses high quality electronic, intelligent PLC, touch screen and good HMI, operating more simply and convenient.
7)Left and right hand version are available.