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boxes packing and printing machine

boxes packing and printing machine

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Introduction (easy operation )
LBD-LBD-RT1011-2 Semi-automatic Hot Melt Glue Box Packing Machine With Air Cleaner is suitable for all cartons which need hot glue on both sides, such as coffee, curry, biscuits, tissues and soap.After manual loading, place the box on the conveyor belt, automatic transportation, glue and sealing box.
Main Features
1. PLC operate machine, which can save a lot of time.No experience will be used.
2. Processing capacity 90-110 boxes/min.With equal time and labor, productivity can be increased by 3-5 times.
3. Glue on the point, not brushed, not spillage.Compared with the manual sealing box, the amount of glue used is reduced by 2/3.
4. Conveyor belt, sealing box square, not deformation, not card paper, lower production cost.
5. The fuselage is made of aluminum alloy, not rusty and easy to maintain.
6. The bottom is equipped with pulleys, which can be moved at any time convenient for use.
Coffee boxes , curry boxes , biscuits boxes , tissues boxes soap boxes ,etc. .
All automatic transportation, automatic glue and automatic sealing box.