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Laser Hot Stamping Foil for PVC Curtain Rod

Laser Hot Stamping Foil for PVC Curtain Rod

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Uploaded on 2 years ago

Laser type metallic hot stamping foil is a new member of the family of heat transfer film, laser, high light: through vacuum aluminizing process and laser holographic technology, the formation of exotic colors and multidimensional pattern effect of aluminum foil and PET film, the film itself has hot melt adhesive layer, its appearance presents fresh, unique and beautiful effect to people. The shown color is concerned with the environment, in other words, it presents various color when change the light source, the angle of view, the environment color. High light hot stamping foil is rich in metal color; it can be compared with anodized color.
Suitable substrate material: plastic products (ABS/PP/PS/PC/PE/PVC, etc.), coated wood, glass, metal, etc.