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Sell anti showcase smashing robbery protector

Sell anti showcase smashing robbery protector

ILKEON Co., Ltd.


Uploaded on 2 years ago

We are manufacturer & supply anti smashing showcase robbery system.

We have factory in Iran also for manufacturing several different kinds of security devices.

Nowadays, many robbery breaks showcase glass by force to steal valuables inside in second.

So, the owner finally lose their valuables & assume all the cost to replace their expensive showcase glass (bullet proof, tempered glass, thick glass, etc.).

So, we developed anti robbery showcase system for protecting valuables robbery even though the showcase glass is broken.

By placing steel plated round cover under hidden showcase and move it quickly by sensor receives shock, sound or moving factors. So, owner can protect their valuables & can also replace glass by anything cheap quality at once.

Quick moving system is based on motor workings and our product is new item in the market.

-Usage: For shops displaying valuables in glass showcase as like jewelry, smartphones, watches etc.

obbery by smashing or breaking glass showcase

-Country of Origin: Korea or Iran

-Port of Loading: Busan, Korea or Iran

*Production/Delivery Capability
3 Days per 1 SQM & 20 Sets per month