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Melting Furnace with 1L,5L,20L capacity crucible

Melting Furnace with 1L,5L,20L capacity crucible

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Uploaded on 1 year ago

This melting furnace mainly can apply in ceramic glaze, ceramic,glass,enamel and other industries laboratory preparation of frit,the glass flux with low temp, porcelain enamel and anchoring agent,also can meet the needs of small enterprises for the production of equipment used. 

This melting furnace is the special furnace for melting, consist of crucible, crucible tongs, hook and melting furnace body. The furnace belongs to resistance type melting furnace,heating and melting materials with high quality kinds of materials crucibles, lilke corundum materials, quartz materials and zironium oxide(YSZ) materials for melting, durable service ; heating elements use by silicon molybdenum rods(MoSi2) heaters with special design and furnace temperature controlled by high precision SCR( Silicon Controlled ) digital controller with accuracy ±1°C and 30 segments programmable,it also can add materials while heating with high temperature and instant flow after melting by hook.