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VENUS,the 1st E- eig of Automatic Sterilization

VENUS,the 1st E- eig of Automatic Sterilization

Cofttek Vapor


Uploaded on 5 years ago

360 automatic sterilization,clean it’s self,Sterilization material,it can clear bacterical,also don’t need change drip tip again!
The most healthy for people!Can buy for your papa mama,girlfriend ,boyfriend or your customers!
Our series, "Mars" for Him and "Venus" for Her, make their worldwide premiere!
Farewell to a e-cig without gender.
With "Mars" men exudes virility; with "Venus" women explode femininity."
1.Cleaning Cloth: it adopts the 4th global fiber technology,also it has the function of sterilization,anti-virus and eliminating the unusual smell.
2.Atomizer and battery Material which can achieve 360 Anti-bacteria and Sterilization function. This will make a more healther smoking evironment.Nano Ag+,is using nanotechnology of nano, the surface of the silver ion has been magnified which can advance the sterilization ablility.
3.The designs are from Red dot design awarder of Germany and iphone's suppliers.
Venus is selling hot now!!