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hearing aid dryer with UV sterlizer

hearing aid dryer with UV sterlizer

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The IRIVER BLANK System is an electronic device for the maintenance and the storage of all kinds of hearing aids.<br>
The maintenance is ensured by the combination of V-C rays for disinfection.<br>
The Perfect Dry is equipped with a lamp, which emits short UV-C rays, whose 360 degree circular disposition enables to reach all of the surfaces of the hearing aids.<br>
The UV-C rays destroy 99% of viruses and bacteria, which dramatically reduces itchiness and infections of the ear canal. <br>
The Fast and Intensive cleaning cycle is a 30 minutes. For the ultimate clean and disinfection.<br>
The IRVER BALNK System Automatic Hearing Aid UV-C Disinfecting and Cleaning System by Quest is there to answer the call, time and time again. <br>