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Probiotic Green Smoothie

Probiotic Green Smoothie



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Each serving of the Probiotic Green Smoothie is packed with goodness of 82 Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, Cereals, Nuts, Legumes and Seaweeds. The ingredients for the smoothie are of the finest quality, fermented and matured for over 3 years.

The Pro Biotic Green Smoothie is a dietary and a healthy slimming green smoothie which is very easy to make. It is a drink with immune boosting nutritious natural ingredients, packed with vitamins and minerals.

The green smoothie will reduce your cravings for unhealthy junk food and sweets and will incline your diet towards healthy veggies and fruits!!! The taste is very refreshing. This smoothie can replace, wholly or partially, one of your daily meals (breakfast, for example) - Its active ingredients for diet, chia seed and a psyllium husk, helps your stomach feel full and satisfied and you end up consuming fewer calories. 10 billion of lactic acid bacteria is a sub-key ingredient which supports maintenance of your gut flora and prevention of health and beauty problems caused by bad intestinal conditions. This green smoothie will be very beneficial for you if your diet lacks vegetables and fruits or if you are on a diet.

It is packed in a zippered pouch and includes 70g of smoothie powder. It is Natural Product. Made in Japan.