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Extrusion line

ZhenJiang JingYou Co.,ltd


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ZhenJiang JingYou Curtain Co.,Ltd devotes to development ,production and sales of the PVC
blinds. mainly export to the global market,such as Europe market,North and South America
market,Southeast Asia Market ,Australia market and South African market,with 24 years management
experience,JingYou team always ofters the best sollution to customers with professional
technology,resaonable price,premium quality and services.
JingYou Venetain/PVC blinds are the best sollution for the homes and offices with morden
appearance.The blinds protect the privacy and control the light volume that you desire ,various slats
options are offered depends on your requirement,such as the colors,dark or light ,the style(general 1"
slat and 2" Fauxwood ) and size etc.
Please don't hesitate to contact with us and tell your needs and wants.