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chamfering machine

chamfering machine

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Equipment main features:
High-automation, easy hole-machining operation
Low consumption on electricity
Low production cost (one labor may run over 10 drilling machines)
If the depth of the pressure-relief vent at both ends of the ring-die are different, the depth can be set in this system in advance then this drilling machine can operate to this depth automatically
Number of holes can be set at random but holes will evenly distribute on the circle of the ring-die's surface
Those holes on the odd row and the even row will automatically mismatch
Wear detection on main-axis torque and alarm limitation can be set at will, the wear on drill head can be monitored at any time thus it can effectively prevent drill-head breaking unexpectedly
During drilling machine operates, falling speed/rotate speed  of drill chuck and indexing speed of universal indexing head can be adjusted at will
With the alarm detection function, machine greatly shortens invalid operation time when the drill-head is broken
Pause/start at any time, unnecessarily point to the hole
Memory function when power/off