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Fuel Saving Device

Fuel Saving Device



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Speedpower is Catalytic combustion is a chemical process which uses a catalyst to speed desired oxidation reactions of a fuel and so reduce the formation of undesired products, especially pollutant nitrogen oxide gases (NOx) far below what can be achieved without catalysts.

Catalysts may be used to control combustion reactions in the following ways:

* fuel preparation, such as splitting long molecules into shorter ones;
* fuel oxidation to release heat energy;
* the destruction of pollutant gases in the exhaust.

SPEEDPOWER FUEL ECONOMIZER is a catalyst to fine tune the fuel & air mixture entering the air intake manifold to the chemically correct (stoichiometric) ratio (14.7 parts air to 1 part fuel). The SpeedPower Fuel Economizer distributes this mixture uniformly to all the cylinders of the engine and recycles the unburned carbons into usable gases thus giving a higher fuel yield. During bursts of acceleration and deceleration, the SpeedPower FUEL ECONOMIZER chemically adjusts & helps supply exactly the right fuel and air mixture (lean or rich) at the right time so that the engine can run with more power, economically and without the air pollutants that result from poorly mixed unburned fuel.
It does not mean that less consumption of your fuel will reduce the power of your car. As a matter of fact, it will totally increase the engine performance and acceleration of your vehicle.
Thus, if less fuel enters into the intake manifold this means that all fuel will be efficiently burned completely with no wastages, the conversion rate of power speaks for itself.
The concept behind this is what we call"AIR FUEL RATIO", the mixture or combination of air and fuel should be just right, in order to avoid excess fuel wastage.
Our SpeedPower Fuel Economizer is attached to the intake manifold of the engine and it contains a 7- element compound with a catalyst inside the stainless steel frame.
The catalyst cleans the incoming air and completely vaporizes the fuel injected into the intake manifold before entering the combustion chamber.
The catalyst also cleans and expels the accumulated carbon deposits inside the combustion chambers thus getting the rated or maximum cubic inch displacement of the engine for maximum air and fuel entry with no fuel wastages.
Together, all these features result to less fuel wastage giving maximum engine performance and a higher fuel yield with less harmful emission.