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30,0000 Tons Used Wire Rod Block Mill for Sale

30,0000 Tons Used Wire Rod Block Mill for Sale

Xi'an Hani New Energy and Technology Co.,Ltd


Uploaded on 2 years ago

Our company is fixing and revising a set of 135 m/s #High-speed #Wire #Rod #Mill equipment, annual output 30,0000 tons. Which including 350, 450mm intermediate rolling mill unit, 350, 450mm intermediate gearbox, one horizontal pre-finishing rolling mill, one vertical pre-finishing rolling mill, 10 stands finishing rolling mill units, laying head, pinch roll, and Sund Birsta packer. Because of the environmental problem, the government forced to close the whole line. The production of this set of units in Xi'an is less than 20, 000 tons, almost new. After the maintenance of our company, the machine unit can be completely new.
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