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hand pallet truck

hand pallet truck

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Advantages of hand pallet truck
1  No oil leakage 
2  Easy handling and lifting
3  Welding pump body, hard chrome plated piston rod,wear-resistant and anti corrosive
4  With adjustable pushing rod to ensure the stability of forks
5  Special specifications can be manufactured according to clients' special requirements.
6. Hand brake / drive  hand pallet truck
7. Easy 3 position control handle
8. Options: Nylon wheel ,Rubber Wheel , gingle fork load wheel or tandem fork load wheel
Application of Hand pallet truck
Hand pallet truck is a low altitude lifting and short distance transportation. Its characteristic is small volume, light weight, compact structure, beautiful work style, simple operation, good seal performance,work safety and reliability. 
Applicable to warehouse,ports,loading bays etc. 
In solid surfaces,lifting carrying heavy loads.
It is also widely applied to transport components in the factory workshop, especially suitable for printing and dyeing, paper making.
It is one kind of civilized production tools.