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triangle button 500kv hot sticks 3-12m

triangle button 500kv hot sticks 3-12m

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Features of fiberglass telescopic hot stick
1 . This type triangle shape hot sticks make each section "lock
in automatically ", No need to search the button ;
2. Sections can be removed or added to make the stick preferred
length ;
3. Ergonomic design make the operator a better gripping surface
For better control,all sections have a smooth glossy surface for
routine cleaning and waxing.
4. Optional Height Measurement Marking
5. Optional Polyurethane Foam Filled
6. Rubber Foot (or Plastic)
7. Universal end fitting accepts a wide variety of standard attachments.
Operation Notice
1.Open the package to remove the insulating triangle lever and stretch it
in Place section by section ,then the button pops up automatically ;

2.When not using ,press the button with your finger and take it
back section by section ;