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energy stroage system

energy stroage system

Henan EVO power Technology Co., Ltd.


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Product introduction:
1,6.3KWH household energy storage system
This solar household energy storage system, beautiful design, compact, lithium battery and solar special charger, controller, inverter set in one, easy to use. The system 220V/110V AC output is widely used in home lighting, household appliances, outdoor lighting, and has a USB output port, you can give all kinds of mobile phones, cameras and other electronic digital products.
This product can be equipped with solar panels, especially for power shortage areas to meet the needs of life and office.
750WH Portable energy storage system
The product features stylish, high capacity, easy to carry. Provide 220/110V AC, DC different voltage output mode.
Applicable to a variety of mobile products. Such as mobile phones, satellite phones, digital cameras, camcorders, tablet PCs, LED lights, laptops, car refrigerators, coffee machines, medical emergency equipment, car start, etc. can be used for travel, field first aid, mining, adventure, expedition, media , Earthquake relief, doctors and other first aid.
The power supply can use solar charging or electricity charging, user-friendly environment.