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Horizontal Spiral Centrifuge for Clarification

Horizontal Spiral Centrifuge for Clarification

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Decanter centrifuge is most often used for clarification of liquid containing high concentrations of solids, removing solids from liquid.

A decanter centrifuge is a sedimentation centrifuge for separation of suspended solids from one liquid. The characteristic which distinguishes a decanter centrifuge from other types of centrifuges such as disc stack separators is that it has a cono-cylindrical rotor equipped with a conveyor for continuous unloading of sedimented solids.

Decanter centrifuges are used in a wide range of applications where their ability to achieve both good clarity and low moisture in the discharged solids is appreciated. They are very versatile as they can handle both large and small particles as well as a wide variety of solids concentrations.

With different design, lengths and cone geometries, decanter centrifuge from Huading Separator can be applied in any processing environment that requires a separation step between solids and liquids. Huading Separator's decanter centrifuges provide meticulous control, low cost and high reliability.