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Brand Story:

E-sports brands emerge one after another with the continuous development of it.but due to the limitations of traditional product design concepts, as well as different players, limited understanding of different gaming equipment requirements,most products are in a simple comparison of price or performance Parameters. E-sport is not only a game but also sport,ignoring this, many players can not choose the equipment really fit their requirements, but can only rely on simple parameters and reference other people's equipment.

In view of this, TEAMWOLF established development direction for the majority of e-sports enthusiasts to create exclusive quasi-customized e-sports equipment brand!

During the process of product design, the team fought against top professional players, summed up the requirements of different gaming devices for equipment using, and shared their ideas on the products, and found consensus through multiple brainstorming sessions. The concept of quasi-ordered through the entire process, collect and analyze team players hand type, operating practices, sustained discuss every details, to ensuring each item of Team Wolf development are based on the size of the human hand, according to Different characteristics of gaming operation, at the same time, by providing detailed purchase guidelines, guide the majority of gaming enthusiasts to easily choose their most suitable products.

Brand Introduction:

TEAMWOLF is from China, a professional gaming equipment brand, its gaming peripheral products sought after by users all over the world. TEAMWOLF combines cutting-edge style, innovative technology, high-end quality and craftsmanship with the aim of providing trend-setting and state-of-the-art eSports equipment for elite gamers who love eSports.

TEAMWOLF was founded in 2012, and now sales network throughout the country, sales are among the best spear. TEAMWOLF has professional teams on design, development, sales. In the synthesis of China and South Korea nearly 100 gaming player pro test recommendations, launched the CIY changeable mechanical keyboard in 2015, set off a global mechanical keyboard changer wave, which It is the first time for Chinese peripheral manufacturers to break the monopoly of European and American manufacturers in the mechanical keyboard technology. Team Wolf has also gained the reputation of "the father of DIY switch mechanical keyboard.".

In 2016,TEAMWOLF became the only designated mouse and keyboard product of the world famous event WCA2016,and was recognized by many professional e-sports players. It is the first choice of keyboard and mouse for many gaming players.

TEAMWOLF Brand Content:

Wolf is the most team-working animals, each wolf is playing a crucial role, its tough, fierce, focused personality also fit the brand culture. And group cooperation is the main gaming trend. We think the team composed of players with different qualities is the strongest team. A wolf team with excellent solidarity, certainly boundless invincible!