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The ingredients of Phytofit Capsule:
Helps to reduce appetite possibly diverting carbohydrates and fatty acids that would have become fat in the liver into hepatic glycogen. This metabolic change may send a signal to the brain that result in reduced appetite.
Are competitive inhibitor of ATP-citratelyase, the enzyme responsible for fatty acid, cholesterol, and triglyceride biosynthesis. They reduce the acetyl-CoA pool, thus limiting the availability of the two carbon units required for the initial steps of fatty acid and cholesterol biosynthesis.
Helps to decrease not only the leptin concentration but also the sizes of adipocytes in the body. Leptin is a faf-derived key regulator of appetite and energy expenditure, and is exclusively secreted by adipocytes in proportion to their triglyceride stores.
Increases thyroid stimulation, improves digestion and accelerates metabolism to pass the food along the GI tract quickly.
Helps to inhibit liver cholesterol biosynthesis. This causes interference in lipoprotein formation and lipid turnover. They help increase fecal excretion of bile acids and cholesterol and lowers intestinal absorption oftat and cholesterol.