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Intertech's mold making service for inventor

Intertech's mold making   service for inventor

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1. (For any inventor, if you have a great idea, you want to carry it out to a real product, Intertech can help you !)

2First, you need to have 2D, 3D, CAD on hands. And then, you need to give them to Intertech. Intertech will check the design for you to see if it can make the real mold or not.

3. In next step, Intertech will send our best mold quotation to you.

4. If you also need Intertech to produce the parts for you, we will be very happy to help you for providing the cost ideal to you.

5. For the most important lead time idea, after all is confirmed, Intertech will tell you the needful mold making lead time and parts production lead time.

Above is the whole process for introducing our service for making mold and making the parts products for the inventor. Welcome to send us your project Now ! We will send our best quotation as soon as possible ! LET's GET STARTED NOW !

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