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uitrasonic swing sieve

uitrasonic swing sieve

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Swing sieve is designed to meet the manufacturers' demand for the large output, high precision screen, and the special design of a highly efficient screening machine. For sieving with your eyes focusing on hands is the most simple way, swinging sieving machine is the mechanical simulation, it is the most effective principle to simulate the artificial sieving operation (sieving accuracy, efficiency, life of sieving mesh are 5 to 10 times that of conventional circular sieve) so far, which are fit to deal with all range of fine and ultra-fine powder and particle materials, especially suitable for those materials hard to process .
Working principle
The principle is that the instantaneous motion is the displacement of the radial direction and the synthesis of the circular motion of the axis ( spiral motion ). the nonlinear three-dimensional motion can be adjusted by the eccentric vibration of the exciter, and the material also produces the same approximate manual operation Suitable for yuanxingzhuang, terete, Flake, even in regular shape, and requires precise screening materials

lUp to five times output per unit area

lAccuracy up to 6 grade separation, sieving efficiency as high as 90%-99%

lThrough high efficient net clearing device system by using silicone rubber ball and ultrasonic, the mesh would not be blocked

lDust-proof sealing, operation safety

lThe acceleration is 4-5 times lower than that of the vibrating sieving, the lifetime of the sieving part is improved and the maintenance is reduced.

lNoise less than 75 decibels
Applicable sectors:
Food industry: powdered sugar, starch, salt, rice flour, milk powder, soy milk, egg powder, soy sauce, juice, etc.
Chemical industry: resin, coating, industrial drugs, cosmetics, paint, paint, etc.
Metal, metallurgy and mining industry: aluminum powder, lead powder, copper powder, ore, alloy powders, electrode powder, manganese dioxide, copper powder, electro-magnetic behavior material, grind, refractory, kaolin, lime, alumina, ground calcium carbonate, Shi Ying sand, etc.
Pharmaceutical industry: zhongxiyaofen, traditional Chinese medicine medicine, industrial medicine, industrial medicine, pharmaceutical intermediate, cellulose, etc
Ceramics: mud, glaze, ceramic raw materials