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the worlds most twisted, bendable color pencils.

the worlds most twisted, bendable color pencils.


Uploaded on 4 years ago
Our products are made of brand new, non toxic material and it's innovation grants us exclusive competitive advantages in this industry. It gives people from 2-103 years-old brand new experience with drawing. It help young child grow their motor skills and expand their creativity by using flexibility of FLEXCILS as well as different shapes (numbers or letters) .
Competitive advantages
1. Last up to 20 times longer than the average market color pencil.
2.Flexcils can be bent and twisted which improve kids' motor skill and enhance their creativity which ordinary products could never achieve,
3. Flexcils are completely non Toxic with all the tests to prove it and is made of completely enviromental friendly,non toxic composit new materials.
4. Flexcils will not leave any residual on your children's hands. Therefore after drawing, children hands are always clean.

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