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South Korea Small bubble of third generation

South Korea Small bubble of third generation

Guangzhou TingHao beauty machine Co.,ltd


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Product principle:
ultra-micro small bubbles combine with the nutrient solution through forming vacuum circuit. By special design's spiral suction nozzle, it can directly act on skin and keep bubbles touch skin long time, then promote exfoliation.

Product effect:
ultra micro small bubbles combine with absorption. It can deeply clean face, remove old cuticle cell and sebum without pain. Meanwhile, it makes hair follicle funnel part be full of nutrition and the skin be moist, fine, smooth and glossy.

Suitable scope:
acne, Alopecia seborrhoeica, epifolliculitis, acarid, skin allergy. Whiten skin, improve dark, yellow skin and skin quality. Deeply clean skin, remove blackhead, improve loose skin and shrink pore.

Four features, cerate perfect skin
1. Invisible pore, build tender skin without pore
2. Stimulate pore and make it shrink, improve skin permeability
3. Small bubble touch skin, clean cuticle and pore
4. Effectively ease skin, strengthen skin care products absorbed

Six advantages, irradiate new life
1.Easy operation, safely protect skin
2.Professional products mix, it's fast and effective
3.Whiten skin and improve complexion
4.Clean deeply, moisturize and oxygenate
5.Remove blackhead, shrink pore and add skin permeability
6.Alopecia seborrhoeica, remove acarid, skin allergy

Target people:
1. Office worker
Working stress is large, computer radiation cause dry skin and line wrinkles appeared.
2.Night bird
They often stay up late, get pimples and dark circles.
Kitchen fumes cause yellow skin and wrinkles.