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LCD Ultrasonic homogenizer sonicator

LCD Ultrasonic homogenizer sonicator



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Product Description of LCD Ultrasonic mixer
TEFIC series of ultrasonic probe sonicator is a multi-function and multi-purpose instrument that utilizes ultrasonic cavitation in liquid. It can be used for breaking many kinds of cells, bacteria, viruses, animal and plant tissues, also for emulsification and separation , homogenization, extraction, defoaming, cleaning, preparation of nanomaterials, dispersion and accelerated chemical reactions. Widely used in biology, medicine, agriculture, chemistry, materials science, pharmaceutical and other fields of teaching, research, production.

Key Features of LCD Ultrasonic homogenizer
1. Large LCD screen
2. Microcomputer control, operational data store 50 groups
3. Ultrasonic time, ultrasonic power can be set
4. Ultrasonic power automatically detect, prevent ultrasonic power with the sample temperature change
5. Integrated sample temperature control to prevent overheating
6. Frequency automatic tracking, automatic fault alarm.