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Gongxing Glass Beveling Machine (GXM10AS)-min.15mm

Gongxing Glass Beveling Machine (GXM10AS)-min.15mm

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GXM10AS Glass Straight Line Beveling Machine
Processing for min. 15mm glass strip.
1. 10 Spindles, chain transmission.
2. Mainly used for processing straight line bevel edge, pencil edge and front arris of sheet glass.
3. Support a function that the back pad can be grinded flat on the machine.
4. Digital display to show the speed, variable angle, thickness and feeding amount of the processing glass.
5. The small press pad of front pad can be replaced separately.
6. Back chain pad with good rigidity.
7. Siemens motor frequency control..
8. Spindles advance and retreat together.
9. Front beam and spindle are lifting independently. Good waterproof performance.
10. Standard equipped auto-oiling and back pad washing function.