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II LED OPERATING LIGHT LED 700/700(Square arm)

II LED OPERATING LIGHT LED 700/700(Square arm)



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II LED OPERATING LIGHT LED 700/700(Square arm)


Germany imported Osram LED medical light source is adopted

II LED Touch pad control system is developed for adjustment control of power switch, brightness switch, illumination level, color temperature, color rendering index, to meet medical personnel requirement of variant operation.

Cold infrared-free light

In comparison to conventional halogen and gas discharge lamps, the "cold" II LED light allowing for fatigue-free operating and prevents tissue from drying out in the operation field at the head area of the surgeon.

Shadow-free Illumination

The relation between light body and light field diameter guarantees an optimum illumination of the OT field in terms of area and depth.

High Luminance with optimum color rendering

Designed to provide a light output with a color rendering index and color temperature which is very close to natural daylight.This helps the surgeon to distinguish between pathological and healthy tissue.

Optimum design for clean air ceilings (Laminar Air Flow)

The perfect design reduce the airflow surface beneath the ventilated ceiling, Flow- optimized light head and reduced surface temperature minimise turbulence in laminar air flow.

Long-lasting light sources, environmentally friendly

With a life cycle of at least 50,000 operational hours, an LED provides illumination many times longer than conventional lighting.In addition,each LED can be replaced individually and on site.

The Germany ondal and Chinese arm system option

As a flexible lighting solution, II LED light can be individually combined with different support arm solutions,enabling it to be used as needed in different operating theatres.


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