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Microwave Vacuum Drying Equipment For Food

Microwave Vacuum  Drying Equipment For Food

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Microwave vacuum drying equipment series is a new technology and new process developed on the basis of the deep study of the physical changes in the drying process of the product, the inside and outside thermal mass exchanging and the moisture migration process ,the drying temperature and drying moisture under vacuum conditions.Microwave vacuum drying equipment consists of microwave generator, vacuum drying chamber, vacuum series and PLC automatic control system. It combines the advantages of microwave and vacuum drying ,such as :the efficiency high, the quality well, the processing costs low and the processing cycle short etc.Meanwhile, it overcomes the defect of the conventional vacuum drying equipment , such as :the processing cycle long, the efficiency low . PLC control technology reduces loss caused by the human error,improve the stability of product quality and speed up the process to achieve industrialization for enterprises .