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CNC Engraving Machine

CNC Engraving Machine

Shenzhen HC CNC Equipment


Uploaded on 3 years ago

It's the special cnc engraving machine with 3 axis and 2 spindles for optical eyewear frame-making.
Suitable for engraving optcial temples, frames, and molds;
Suitable for engraving acrylic, acetate, ox horns, aluminum, copper, steel, etc.
Iron body, strong steel quality, and steady;
Fast, high-precision, and smooth engraving;
Industrial computer, special electric tank;
Easy convenient operation, easy to learn and use;
Model HC-SF430-II
Spindle Speed 8000-24000r/min
Working Power 380V 50HZ
Machine Power 3.0KW
Work Table Size 400*300mm
X Y Z work trip 400*300*120mm
The maximum speed 10000mm/min