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neoprene fabric materials

neoprene fabric materials



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Our main products:

1. Neoprene slices: CR, SCR, SBR and other neoprene sponge, varieties of dotted or embossed surface treatments and thickness of the slices can be 1mm to 40mm.

2. Neoprene fabric sheets: neoprene laminated nylon fabric; neoprene laminated lycra fabric; neoprene laminated polyester fabric; neoprene laminated mercerized cloth; neoprene laminated short/long terry fabric; neoprene laminated fleece cloth; neoprene laminated strong pad cloth; neoprene laminated OK cloth; neoprene laminated S-long diamond cloth; neoprene laminated elastic fabric; neoprene laminated toweling; neoprene laminated figured cloth; neoprene laminated tailoring cloth, etc.

3. Neoprene fabric products:
1)Neoprene bags: neoprene laptop sleeve, EVA hard shell laptop sleeve, memory foam laptop bag, camera bag, lunch bag, mouse bag, non-woven bag, etc.;
2) Medical & sporting supports: diving wetsuit, fishing pants, surfing suit, ski pants, knee support, wrist support, elbow support, thumb support, waistband support, ankle support, thigh support, etc.;
3) Accessories gifts: pen bag, desk mat, mouse mat, golf head cover, can cooler, CD bag, mp3 bag, stethophone bag, mask, and so on.