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Tri Lateral Head Unit Forklift Attachment

Tri Lateral Head Unit Forklift Attachment

Longhe Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Co, Ltd


Uploaded on 3 years ago

Tri-lateral head unit is an unique attachment that can put the forks on either front, left or right side while loading. Applied in manufacturing plants and logistic industries. It is located between forklift carriage and forks, and can be driven to swing 180 and move transverselly via 2 units of hydraulic circuits. It can reach the goods from the side without turning around,realizing reload and stacking goods in the narrow aisle. With limitation and consideration of lateral stablity of forklift operation, it can not carry out the performance the VNA truck owns, such as lift heigh and related operation. But reducing partially aisle space width of racks and increase storage space is one of its advantages.
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