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Hand Crafted Made Ceramic Tile Fireplac(GLT123)

Hand Crafted Made Ceramic Tile Fireplac(GLT123)

Foshan Goodluck Decoration Material Co., Ltd


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Why Choose GoodLuck Handmade Ceramic Tile?
1). Paying attention to individual design and colors specification. Hundreds of colors, shapes and styles for endless design possibilities;
2). Ceramic tiles are 100% handcrafted & hand painted, not machine made or heat transferred 100%;
3). High density italy COLOROBBIA glazed and under glaze color technology, good stain resistance, slip resistant, wear resistant;
4). Tiles are not a pollutant because they are manufactured with 100% natural materials----- Terracotta;
5). Tiles do not contain any lead and mercury. They are not flammable and are 100% recyclable.
6). Custom tile work is our specialty. Tiles can be manufactured to any design, shape, size and color.
7). Quality control is performed on an individual basis (piece by piece).
8). With more than 50 people's R&D group under the leadership of America MAXCERA Corp.
9). Authenticity Certification as below: ISO 9001; Manufactory Certification For Ceramic Tableware Exported to the USA; FDA; Design Patent.

Product Process
We create each tile by hand from start to finish.
1). Making base;
2). Biscuit firing
3). Painting (Fact:It takes 6 pairs of hands to paint one tile)
4). Color firing;
5). Glaze Dipping
6). Glaze firing (It takes roughly 8 hours for the tiles to bake in the kiln each time)
7). Package - Your tiles will be carefully packaged for shipping with thick foam box.