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bar or coil to bar drawing

bar or coil to bar drawing

Sheng Chyean Enterrpise


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Combined Drawing Machine: draw wire coil into bars to facilitate next machining process, such as CNC machining for automotive parts, printer rotation axis, etc. Our combined drawing machines are integrated with the advantages of machines from Germany and Japan. Best quality parts and materials are used on our product, also we design the machine with a higher grade of tolerance to increase the durability of the machine. Faster processor units and software were used to ensure the ease of operation. Machine consists of Power Feeder, Drawing Unit, Precise Straightening machine, Dynamic Shear Unit, Two-Roller Straightening or polishing machine, turning bench and Electrical Control Cabinet.
The peripheral option equipment are: Coil Opener, pointing machine, swaging machine, push pointer, shot blasting machine, straightening and polishing machine, chamfering machine.