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three axis dispensing glue machine

three axis dispensing glue machine

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Product Content Description:
Three Axis Automatic Dispensing Machine
Working range 850 mm /800 mm /120mm X/Y/Z axis Control system Professional handheld dispensing system
Dispensing speed 1000mm/sec Repetitive accuracy ±0.05mm
Dispensing principle Lead shine Stepper motor+ HIWIN guide rail+ synchronous belt Program capacity 999 set
Storage Space 2G
Supporting document CAD,CoreldRAW Maximum working load X/Y/Z 10KG/10KG/5KG
Maximum Dispensing speed Maximum 2000mm/sec Net Weight About 120kg
Power supply AC220V 50 - 60HZ 1.5KW Three Axis mechanical hand power AC220V 50 - 60HZ 1.2KW
Dimension About 1000x 1200x1700mm
1.Dispense in point, line, surface, arc, circle and irregular curve and tri axial dispense function is available.
2. Continuously dispensing at any point, line, surface, arc and other irregular curve;
3.With high-speed, low noise ,Shinano Motorto dispense better;
4,.static eliminator can eliminate static electricity within ± 100V;
5.automatic glue supplementary, easy controlling
6. the XY area array, pan rotation operation function, anti-material tray for positioning different jobs;
arctic box, LCD sealed plastic, , PCB board bonding sealant, laptop/mobile phone leather cases, semiconductor sealing, mobile phone board dispensing, speaker assembly and dispensing, battery box dispensing, auto parts assembly and dispensing, Quantitative liquid filling ,etc.
Adapted glue
Hot/cold glue: UV glue, AB glue, epoxy glue, silver glue, red glue, white, white latex, EMI conductive adhesive, epoxy resin, super glue, Solder paste, Cooling paste, plaster, Anti-corrosion paint, etc.