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Save up to 50% of your frying oil with VITO

Save up to 50% of your frying oil with VITO



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VITO® oil filter system is suitable for all fryers, cleans the oil or fat, while providing an easy and hygienic filtration in the kitchen. Every VITO® oil filter system provides a microfiltration up to 5 microns.
As an additional feature no chemicals are needed to clean the oil or fat, which preserves the optimal taste of the fried dishes. The unique design makes sure the VITO® can handle temperatures up to 175°C and provides highest safety at work, because of avoiding direct contact with the hot oil or fat. After filtration the oil can be used immediately for frying again.

The VITO® oil filter system is a real economic miracle which saves oil, labour and stock ground.

All benefits at a glance:

Big savings potential:
- less oil / fat consumption
- less personnel costs
- less storage costs
- fast amortization (4-12 months)

- constant quality of fried dishes

Easy handling:
- automatic filtration
- fast filtration
- low cleaning effort