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LFT/SMC/BMC Mould made by Taizhou UTrust Mould

LFT/SMC/BMC Mould made by Taizhou UTrust Mould

Taizhou UTrustmould company


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Taizhou Huangyan UTrust Mould Company is located at the Hometown of Chinese Mould-Huangyan, Zhejiang Province, where there is beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. UTrust Mould has been committed to the development and production of fiber reinforced plastic mould (like SMC mould, BMC mould, GMT mould and LFT mould) and plastic injection mould for more than ten years. Our business scope includes SMC sanitary appliance mould, SMC automobile covering part mould, SMC/BMC household appliance mould, composite material mould, auto parts injection mould, packing mould and commodity mould.