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Detergent Powder Factory

Uploaded on 2 years ago

Washing powder, non-phosphorus detergent, Flavoring of enzyme detergent, bulk washing powder, Detergent, Automatic Washing powder, machine washing powder, Cold water laundry detergent, perfumed laundry powder, Hand washing powder, laundry washing powder,

We are one largest of the manufacturer washing powder factory, our product have high quality, and have strong competitive price, popular with Africa, South America, Yemen, Middle East and so on. We can supply the different package size, also can according to the customers Requirements OEM.

If you want to buy washing powder, please tell me detail of the quality and package of Specifications, for example ,the active mater and the weight of per bag.

If you don't know about the requirement of the quality, we can check it, and you can send me the simple. our Laboratory will test it and we can send you the best price.