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super power SFX-4000B for broken tap remover

super power SFX-4000B for broken tap remover

Luoyang Xincheng Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd


Uploaded on 3 years ago

This machine can be used to fast remove the broken taps,drills,drifts, screws and plug gauges,without damaging work pieces. And it also can be used to process non-precision holes and marking on metal materials such as hardened steel,quenching steel,hard alloy steel and copper, aluminum etc..
Features of our products:
1 It's convenient to remove the broken taps,drills ,reamers, screws,plugs and other tools broken in the work piece.
2 It has revert button to set the working distance. When the electrode arrives
at the setting position, it will alarm and the working head will return automatically.
3 Its working head can rotate in any direction because of is unique split-design type workhead.
4 Using magnetic base, the working head can adsorbe on the machine for its convenient clamping, while it reduces the prosuction cost to the minimum.
5It's Installed cooling fan, forced ventilation, and ensured to workcally continuously.
6 Machines are strictly tested before selling.
7 It can procese at large work piece.
8 it's small sized and light weighted, and portable for carrying.
9 Mass production.
This machine can fast remove the broken taps.drill,drift screw, plug gauge without damaging the work-piece. All the products we produced have passed the professional test such as precise salt spray test,comprehensive test, high temperature endurance test and dropping test. Based on the above,we can assure you. The technical specifications are as followings:
Input Voltage:AC220V/110V±10%
Input Power(W):800W
Electrode Chuck Diameter(mm):2~13mm
Working Liquid:Tap Water
Max Processing Depth of Spindle Servo(mm):70mm
Max Processing Speed(mm/min):1mm/min
Gross Weight:24kg
Adjustable Current: Stepper
Set Depth:Alarm Automatically at certain depth