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Artifical Color Glass Stone GRC White Cement

Artifical Color Glass Stone GRC White Cement

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Uploaded on 2 years ago

Better crack resistanct, high early strength, polishable Artifical color glass stone
1.Raw cement materials is white crack resistance double fast CSA high belite cement. With cement main composition is C4A3S and C2S, its early strength is very high, 40mpa in 1day equal to portland cement 28 days strengh. and C4A3S can have micro expansion while low size change ratio, thus it can compesate the dry shrinkage and have less size change ratio comparing to regular cement.Due to the existance of C2S, late strength of mortar will still continously increasing.
2. Customised color can be selected. The mortar concentrate contains white clear glass and if you like other colors, you can add different colors as you like.
3. With high early strength and fast setting, can polish after only 1 day, which greatly improve its production efficent.