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Automatic cup lid making machine

Automatic cup lid making machine

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Machine has the reasonable design, novel structure,use the infrared radiator heating and servo traction ,equipped with plate mould, punching and die cutting, waste recycle, synchronous assembly line work, and have the excellent properties of machine tool guideway type trip is adjustable, intuitive, convenient operation and maintenance of the production process, complete function, has the following obvious characteristics:
1,sed the transmission device, such as gear, screw, shake handle,can make all kinds of molf on the machine base circular guide aroud mobile, can adapt to different specifications and packing of the products, expand the scope of the machine, debugging more convenient.
2,Adopts chain and servo traction device, traction stroke between 20-320mm by stepless.
3,Using infrared radiation heating system, heating area corresponding to the molding area to ensure that the heating materials temperature to achieve positive pressure molding requirements, keep the material shrink rate is the most stable quantity,ensure the product forming best. The heating system is unique and sheet it is compression of the sheer surface has the effect of surface texture, make more transparency, clear surface after molding, products with no grain, greatly improving the aesthetic of the product.
4,Acorrding to the needs of product, select concave die or terrace die in the equipment, for the best effcet.
5,Adopt PLC programmable controller to design the program logic, host frequency control, human-machine interface display operation, Man-machine interface can be directly set within each part number to make operation more intuitive and simple.

It is applicable to the plastic ware such as PP, PVC, PET, PS medicine trays , and cup lids themoforming boxes.