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Zhengyuan Medical Mesh Nebulizer

Zhengyuan Medical Mesh Nebulizer

Changzhou Zhengyuan Medical Technology Co.,Ltd


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Company Backgrounds: 10 Years of accumulated experience to manufacture the mesh plate and nebulizer circuit board.
1. 2013.06--Introduced by "LongCheng Excellence" Plan, settled in Changzhou National Medical Device International Innovation Park.
2. 2013.09--Registered capital RMB 10 Million.
3. 2013.12--Obtained the Production License.
4. 2014.03--Completion of the comparison test with OMRON NE-U22; has a signaficant advantage especially in the quality of aerosol particles size.
5. 2015.01--Obtained 3 models of mesh nebulizer CFDA Registration.
6. 2015--Got 1 Invention patent certificate, and successfully got PCT certificate(No.20160279352A1).
7. From 2013 to now, obtained 4 utility model patents and 2 design patents.
8. 2015.05--Selected to the application demonstration project of innovative medical device products, by China's Ministry of Science and technology and the Ministry of Health.
9. 2016.06--Obtained the CE certification, and expected to pass the FDA certification in November this year.
10. Until now, Zhengyuan mesh nebulizer ranks in the top in Southeast Asian Markets.