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bottle water, beverage packing machine

bottle water, beverage packing machine

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this packing machine Widely used in beverage, food, pharmaceutical and chemical products such as Bundle
Loading . Without bottom bracket , without cartons, regardless of square, round, flat packing can be perfect , visual effect is very good , packaging cost. The machine uses a novel optimization design, PLC automatic control, man-machine interface tracking , accurate positioning. Second package into the state , to prevent missing bottle , pour bottles, flexible adjustment , safe and beautiful . Adjustable air circulation structure , application of existing thermal film ( including color ) , film replacement quick and easy , fault alarm , stop lock complete , reliable operation. Thus for constant quality , stable and reliable , long-term continuous production to provide a solid guarantee.
Machine are high-quality steel and stainless steel precision manufacturing , compact structure , durable , energy-saving effect is remarkable. With independent intellectual property rights of the new automatic shrink film packaging machine, beverage filling production line is the preferred equipment.