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ABC type PP foam board extrusion line

ABC type PP foam board extrusion line

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Uploaded on 2 years ago

This machine is used to produce 3 layers pp foam sheets, which adopts 3 sets of SJ-65/33 single screw extruder co-extrusion, 1 set of T-type die head, 1 set of three roller calendars and other accessory machines
to finish.These kinds of foam sheets adopts AC foam additives and pp granules to process, which are widely
used for Packaging, stationery, chemicals, constructions, household appliances and so on.

1. sheet type: 3 layers foam sheets, ABC type, middle layers foamed
2. sheet width: 800mm
3. sheet thickness: 1-3mm
4. sheet surafce: can be embossed with different textures
5. sheet color: can be different colors by adding masterbatch