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PVC ASA Glazed Roofing Tiles Extrusion Line

PVC ASA Glazed Roofing Tiles Extrusion Line

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PART 1: Introduction
This PVC+PMMA(ASA) roofing sheet co-extrusion line consists of main extruders, T-die and calibrating downstream units, which can continuously extrude single layer pvc glazed tiles, pvc/pmma and pvc/asa composite multi-layer galzed tiles.

PART 2: Advantages and applications
compared with other ordinary plastic tiles, this kind of composite glazed tiles have more beautiful appearance, better quality, strong durability, and some special features: such as fire retardant, impact capacity, anti-corrossion, anti-freeze, waterpfoof, weather resistance and color retention etc,

The glazed roofing tiles are wised in the garden-style factory, tourist scenic spots, pavillions, hotels, family building etc.