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PET sheet extrusion line

PET sheet extrusion line

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This Plastic PET Sheet Extruder Extrusion Line Machine is specially designed for PET mono/multi Layer sheet for packing indrustry. The technology of "Single Screw extruding with low dew-point dehumidifying system " for high quality products in high transparency without buddle, which will be very important for thermoforming.

Raw Material:
1. can be virgin plastic pet material
2. can be recyclable material, like PET Bottle Flakes

Usual Sheet Width: 600-1800mm
Usual Sheet Thickness: 0.5-2mm

1. This line is specially used for producing PET/PBT/PP/PE/HIPS/EVAOH sheet.
2. Surface Treatment: Adding some additives can improve intensity/toughness/rigidity, flame retardant, embossing, frosting, etc.
3. Application: Packing, printing, stationery, art works etc.
4. Main Products: Gift/ad/file bag/lamp cover/food packaging