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Circuit board precious metal separation equipment

Circuit board precious metal separation equipment

Hua County Daokou Big Dipper Electrostatic Separation Facility Factory


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Big Dipper large circuit board recycling equipment processing process: the process of all mechanical and physical crushing sorting and equipped with advanced pulse dust removal process, the metal and non-metallic
Approximately 99% of the extract is separated. The waste circuit board by the biaxial shredding equipment, high-impact impact crushing equipment, pulsating air separation equipment, drum
Electrostatic selection equipment, pulse dust removal equipment composed of environmentally friendly circuit board physical recovery sorting production line, followed by cutting, crushing, crushing,
Seismic screening (the metal non-metallic to completely out, not to re-enter the grinding equipment to re-crush), sorting, electrostatic selection,
Pulse dust collection of dust collection, the final separation of a variety of metal components of the metal rich and non-metallic enrichment, to achieve the electronic waste
Full collection of valuable components on board.
Which is characterized in that: step 1, after removing the battery, explosive and other waste circuit board into the biaxial shearing machine for extrusion, tearing,
The formation of uniform size of the small pieces; Step two, the initial cut to the small pieces of material from the conveyor belt into the high-impact impact crusher in the high-speed impact
Crusher, the hammer by a certain speed will be further broken pieces of material, so that the initial dissociation of metal and non-metallic, and then through the water-cooled mill in the
The material does not produce high temperature in the case of re-crushing, water-cooled milling machine equipped with a rotary sounding equipment, will be crushed after the metal and non-metal
Completely out of the material into the next step sorting, not from the material to re-flow back to the mill in the milling, to completely out of the next step pulse
The air separator is used for wind suspension sorting by the difference in the specific gravity of the metal and the nonmetal to obtain a pure metal rich body and a small amount of metal
Powder of non-metallic, and then through the electrostatic selection (conductor and non-conductor congratulatory) will be non-metallic enrichment of a small amount of metal powder again selected out.