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Heat dissipation copper and aluminum separation

Heat dissipation copper and aluminum separation

Hua County Daokou Big Dipper Electrostatic Separation Facility Factory


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Radiator stripping machine (copper and aluminum separator):
The internal power supply part of the unit has been connected, customers only need to access three power supply to boot work. Scope: The machine is divided into three commonly used copper pipe spacing 19MM, 21MM, 25MM. Radiator copper foil and aluminum foil cutting separation of the feed port, feed electrical control system using inverted switch control, in order to facilitate the feed tilt To cut or cut the material to re-cut the separation, the machine uses two sets of blades up and down at the same time cutting, you can simultaneously peel two rows of brass, when stripping a single layer of copper, the following set of blades can be wrapped The Wire saw: access to the three power supply to see the direction of operation can be correct after the need for copper and aluminum separation of large pieces of heat sink into the copper and aluminum radiator to get into the size of the size of the inlet, according to the different spacing of copper On one side, go to the next step radiator copper-aluminum separator.