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1,Scope of application:This machine is aiming to the mixed plastic that all kinds of density flotation method is difficult to sorting, including ABS/PC/ submerged PP, PET/PVC, PC/PMM, ABS/ modified with benzene, benzene mixed plastic alloy / change. The accuracy rate of broken grain single sorting (purity) can reach more than 95%, two times the sorting can be close to 100%. First to test its charged and plastics in different space due to friction generated polarity on the mixed material of special different component, or adding surfactant corresponding increases its surface charged, to facilitate better sorting out of different materials,
2, work efficiency: each hour machine workload for 1 tons, daily work amounted to 20 tons, installed capacity of 30 kilowatts, covers an area of about 12 square meters.
3,Working principle: to be sorted into electrostatic separation material in high pressure space prior to the adoption of special device to make the produce corresponding charge in the collision friction itself, for the material in the process of selecting the particle size of the material itself has the obvious difference in congratulation of material particles, the uniformity and the material of its own weight also is affected accordingly in the process of sorting, crushing to the state of particles of relatively large differences, can through the screening of different particle size, to improve the influence to recycle purity in the sorting process is reduced, but also adjust the separation voltage according to the difference of particle state of relatively small particle size options to control the material recovery purity, according to different materials particle size separation required pressure is different, want to use the material crusher broken into around 10MM particles or flakes so the material into the host before separation, to make the score from effect to reach the ideal state.
4,The composition of the equipment configuration:
First, high voltage supply: adopt 50HZ220v alternating current through the full wave rectified into direct current supply high frequency oscillator, conversion or thousands of thoughtful tens kilocycle high-frequency electrical energy, and then after the high frequency transformer, for multiple voltage rectifier, DC high voltage one hundred thousand volts to obtain the separation space.
The host: in this part, sorting by frequency conversion, the energy saving at the same time in order to adjust the rotation speed of the roller, the speed according to different materials need more accurate.
Thirdly, feeding equipment: to avoid material charge transfer caused by the air moist air, affect the efficiency and effect of sorting, feeding system adopts hot air transport, the external influence factors to a minimum.
Fourthly, plastic drying machine: the equipment adopts intelligent hot blast temperature adjustable control, so that the material can quickly and evenly dried, only in the case of dry, in order to create good conditions in the plastic next pre message.