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Large automatic copper rice machine:

Large automatic copper rice machine:

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Large automatic copper rice machine:
1, a shear crushing
2, transport broken material and strong magnetic iron
3, two chopped and ground
4, conveying crushed material to the vibrating screen rough
5, wind power transmission device
6, air separation machine
7, electrostatic selection device
The processing of the key process is the waste cable in the processing system through the chopping and grinding, plastic and copper particles were separated from the state; chopped copper particles and plastic through the vibration system to further separation, and then after the election of plastic skin and copper The rice is completely separated.

The main advantage of the copper rice machine is: 1. Relative to the broken and shaker is a significant increase in production: 2. Adaptability: to deal with the same specifications of the waste copper wire, but also (Other copper rice machine can only handle the same specifications of the waste cable); 3. The high purity of the product: the machine production of copper rice (which is the same as the other) High purity, can reach more than 99.5%; 4. Environmental benefits: As the unit is equipped with a more advanced dust collection system, therefore, will not cause pollution to the environment;