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Small overall dry powder type copper rice machine

Small overall dry powder type copper rice machine

Hua County Daokou Big Dipper Electrostatic Separation Facility Factory


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Copper rice machinery and equipment design advanced, the use of one structure, save space, reliable work. This set consists of crusher, shaker, fan, a dust collector, electrical control and other components. Cable broken directly into the vibrating screen, through the separation of fans, dust fans and auxiliary fan, and screen box linear excitation multiple role separation core, so that waste wire and cable in the plastic skin and copper rice separation, and were broken plastic Skin and copper rice, copper rice, plastic and copper and plastic mixture were sent from the different discharge port, dust through the duct to reach the dust collector. Shaker and separation fan by the frequency control, according to different conditions to adjust the vibration frequency and air volume size, easy operation and maintenance, separation accuracy of up to 99%, is the ideal choice for small recycling plants.