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Car Air Purifier with Car Charger

Car Air Purifier with Car Charger

Shenzhen Vinreada Technology Co.,Ltd.


Uploaded on 2 years ago

Full compliance with QC3.0 Qualcomm agreement;
Basically cover charging for all the digital products in the market;
Widely range input voltage and intelligent recognition;
Switch quick charging and normal charging;
Quick charging can greatly save the time;
Negative ion concentration 3 million/cm³;
Producing negative ion and active oxygen conductive to human health;
Remove harmful substances from the air:formaldehyde,ammonia,disulfonic acid,benzene,fine dust,smoke,various chemicals and freshen the air;
Seven protection:overcharge protetion,over discharge protection,over power protection,over-current protection,over voltage protection,temperature protection,short circuit protection,bring the user more convenience and security;
Unique iron drill on the front,it can break the car window easily,making your life safer.