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YC Hydraulic Pile Hammer Debugging Video

YC Hydraulic Pile Hammer Debugging Video

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Main Advantages:
1.Fully closed hammer housing(patent technology).
2.The ram can be superposed to obtain different energy pile hammer(patent technology).
3.The patent technology of superimposable ram can prolong the action time of striking energy.
4.High integrated hydraulic driving system.
5.Automatic plugging technology for high pressure pipeline pressure lose.
6.Oil draining technology for pipeline, avoiding oil leakage and pollution when shifting to construction site.
7.Program control, striking energy can be set arbitrarily in nominal range.
8.Sensor technology, remote technology and man-machine interface realize pressure,temperature and location can be monitored.
9.Not only can pile by the guidance devices but also can make free hanging piling.
It mainly applies in construction of high rise and super high rise buildings, harbor expanding, dams, transportation facilities, especially suitable for precast concrete piles plating, steel pipe piles and steel sheet pile sinking.